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Scared Poopless door Chicklet T. Dog, alias Jan Rasmusen, won in 2007 de prijs voor het beste boek over dierengezondheid. Maar wat heel bijzonder is, het won ook de prijs voor het beste gezondheidsboek in het algemeen, en is genomineerd voor weer een andere prijs voor 2008. Het is een echte eye opener en een must voor iedere betrokken hondenbezitter, maar ook voor iedere (huis-)dierenarts. Engelstalig. 266 blz. Met veel prachtige kleurenfoto’s, voornamelijk van de auteur Chiclet T. Dog zelf.

Do You Really Need Another Dog Book? Is Scared Poopless That Different? You betcha! It Covers Subjects You Won’t Find Elsewhere: Need a crash course in anesthesia safety or post-surgical rehab? Does your dog really need that blood test, or that surgery? Want to protect your dog if something happens to you? This book has 20 chapters in 272 pages. It’s Unbiased: Most books are written from one expert’s point of view. Unfortunately, expert opinions differ. Some have undisclosed financial motives … some stopped learning years ago … some have always been just plain wrong. My opinions came from years of research and interviews with the top vets in the country–vets on the forefront of change. Where experts differ, I tell you. I had only one motive: improving the health of my own dogs. It’s Fun to Read: No matter how good the inform ation, it’s useless if you don’t read it and remember it. It’s Gift Quality: The photos on this website are just a few of the 89 full-color dog photos in the book; and we saved the best for inside the book. The pages are heavy, glossy stock. It won the Ben Franklin Award for design as well as content. It’s User Friendly: Each chapter of Scared Poopless is a standalone mini-book. Read the entire book in a few sittings, peruse a chapter at bedtime or use it as a reference guide for when specific problems pop up.

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