Carole Stott

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This is the complete beginner’s guide to navigating the night sky. Star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and all 88 major constellations are now within reach with Planisphere and Starfinder. Stargaze through the year using the removable planisphere and month-by-month guide to the night sky, illustrated with beautiful photographs, clear charts and diagrams. Practical astronomy has never been easier as you’re shown how to recognise simple signposts in the night sky using the naked eye, binoculars or telescopes. Perfect for all newcomers to stargazing, Planisphere and Starfinder (previously published as Starfinder 9781405352703) gives you the tools to navigate the night sky from anywhere in the world.

– Auteur Carole Stott
– Taal Engels
– Afmeting 15x301x302 mm
– Gewicht 1200g
– ISBN 9781409335061

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