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THE GARDEN FORAGER: Edible Delights in your Own Back Yard , door Adele Nozedar. Mooi geillustreerde gids voor eetbare tuinplanten. Met recepten, medische en cosmetische toepassingen.

A beautifully illustrated guide to foraging in your own back yard – featuring over 40 common garden plants with recipes, remedies and cosmetic uses.

In high-end restaurants and in the home, more and more cooks have discovered the joy of using natural, foraged ingredients. But, what few realise is that you don’t necessarily have to go rootling in hedgerows or woodlands to find them.
Many of our own gardens contain an abundance of edible and medicinal plants, grown mainly for their ornamental appearance. Most gardeners are completely unaware that what they have actually planted is a rather exotic kitchen garden.
The Garden Forager explores over 40 of the most popular garden plants that have edible, medicinal or even cosmetic potential, accompanied by recipes, remedies, and interesting facts, and illustrated throughout in exquisite watercolours by Lizzie Harper.
This beautifully illustrated book redefines how we look at our gardens and unleashes the unknown potential of everyday plants – making it a must-have for anyone interested in gardening, cooking, or foraging.

Adele Nozedar is the author of The Hedgerow Handbook. She regularly leads foraging workshops and tours at major festivals across the UK. Previously, she was in a cult indie band, then ran her own indie record label and became A&R Director/General Manager of a major record company. Her wide-ranging passions are reflected in her books, which include The Hedgerow Handbook (2012), The Signs and Symbols Sourcebook (2011), The Secret Language of Birds (2006) and The Element Encyclopedia of Native Americans (2013).

– Hardcover, 224 blz.
– Engelstalig
– ISBN: 9780224098892

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