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The Prepper’s Guide to Foraging, How Wild Plants Can Supplement a Sustainable Lifestyle, door David Nash en Todd Walker. Geen gidsje dat je in je ene hand houdt terwijl je in je andere hand het plantje vast hebt om het te identificeren. Daar zijn weer andere boeken voor. Deze vertelt je hoe een bepaalde plant of kruid je van nutte kan zijn wanneer je (noodgedwongen) je voedsel aan moet vullen met wat je in de natuur kunt vinden. Zeker, er staan Noord-Amerikaanse planten in die je hier niet snel zult vinden, maar het merendeel wel.

The Prepper’s Guide to Foraging is not a plant identification guide in the traditional sense. It is instead a guide to using plants to supplement other means of food production and subsistence living. Author David Nash believes that there is not enough land available for to support a large-scale return to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the event of a large-scale disaster, but that botanical knowledge does provide an edge to the well prepared.
This book advocates the acquisition of knowledge to allow its reader to safely identify, harvest, and use common North American plants. Wild plants can provide shelter, material, medicine, and food to help the reader extend stored food as well as to create items that may be otherwise unavailable during a crisis.

Twenty-five easily identified plants common to the United States are described and illustrated with notations for their common usage. Each plant described in this book comes with one recipe for food as well as detailed instructions for at least one alternative use. Additional instructions for the preparation of standard medicinal items like tinctures, creams, and infusions are included as well as botanical guides to help identify other plants is included.

David Nash is a verifiable preparedness MacGyver. He is both an academically trained professional emergency manager as well as a personal prepper. Nash is also a homesteader who raises a variety of animals, bees, and plants in a small suburban yard. He runs the popular prepper’s blog He resides in Dickson, Tennessee.

Todd Walker aka The Survival Sherpa is an experienced survivalist that runs several websites and Facebook groups dedicated to wilderness survival and bushcraft.
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