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Petromax Dutch Oven Table Small (fe45). Wanneer knielen en bukken niet (meer) jouw ding is, is deze uitneembare kooktafel een uitkomst voor je. Sterk genoeg om tot 3 Dutch Ovens te kunnen dragen. Werkoppervlak 45 x 45cm. Werkhoogte 87cm. Met windscherm. Hangers voor tangen, bbq handschoenen, enz.

Cooking outside on a grand scale: The small Petromax Dutch Oven Table.
With the steady and sturdy table fe45 made of steel, you can cook effortlessly on the work surface of 45 x 45 cm with up to three small Dutch ovens at the same time, depending on their size. The work height of 87 cm makes it possible for you to work comfortably and without hurting your back, just as with your oven at home. Thanks to the tall, generously sized windbreak, you can always save energy and charcoal even when cooking outdoors.

Stability on four legs.
With its massive legs, your Dutch oven table can carry up to 80 kg ( loading of the surface). If you want, you can also easily remove the support legs and place your fe45 on any heat-resistant surface.

First-class assets.
While cooking, you can hang fire tongs, a dishcloth, barbecue gloves, etc. within reach on the practical hangers at the front and the sides. Clean your cooking table quickly and easily thanks to the gap at the front of the work surface: Sweep out ashes and rests of charcoal, and you’re done.

-L x W x H (in cm): 68 x 58 x 116
-Weight: 1kg

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