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Petromax Dutch Oven 4,5 QT zonder pootjes. Dit is een handige tussenmaat Dutch Oven, geschikt voor 2 tot 5 personen. De inhoud van de 4,5 qt is zo’n 4L (maximaal plm. 5,2L). Het deksel kan omgekeerd als bakplaat gebruikt worden. Petromax gietijzeren Dutch Ovens zijn voorbereid (pre-seasoned), dus klaar voor gebruik.

Petromax Dutch Ovens are ideal companions for outdoor activities such as travel, camping etc. Perfect for cooking over an open fire and in the home kitchen, they allow cooking food such as vegetables and meat very gently in its own juice. They feature a specially designed lid that can be used as a skillet or a platter. The Petromax Dutch Ovens are made of durable cast-iron and have a pre-seasoned finish ready for immediate use. With the Petromax Dutch Ovens one can prepare delicious and healthy food for family friends.
Product Features at a Glance:
• pre-seasoned surface for immediate use
• food is cooked very gently to preserve nutrients
• notched carry handle ensures safe and comfortable handling
• Dutch Ovens can be stacked
• Dutch Ovens come without three legs but has three feet on each lid (except ft1)
• optimal heat transfer thanks to specific surface structure
• hole for thermometer in the lid
• truly unique taste of food thanks to the specific heat transfer
• specially designed lid that can be used as skillet or a platter
• highest Petromax product quality

Persons: 2-5
Capacity max. (ca.): 5.2 l
Capacity pot (ca.): 4 l
Capacity lid (ca.): 1.2 l
Weight: 8 kg
Material: cast-iron

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