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Woodstove Cookery door Jane Cooper behandeld alles dat u moet weten over het koken op een houtgestookt fornuis. Het selecteren van het juiste type, welk houtsoort en hoeveel, onderhoud, en natuurlijk het koken zelf. Plus veel recepten. Engelstalig. 176 blz. Met veel sfeertekeningen.

A wood cookstove, for me? Sure, if you like delicious food, want to save money, and believe that a stove should do more than cook food. But isn’t it difficult to use? There are some techniques to learn, and they’re described in this book. Take author Jane Cooper’s warm hand and be guided into the world of woodstove cookery. You’ll learn how to buy a stove, new or used, how to set it up, how to fuel it for various uses, how to keep it clean and in peak operating condition. And how to cook on it? Yes, a lot about that. And dozens of recipes, with emphasis on the cooking best adapted to the kitchen range — baking bread that tastes as good as it smells, cooking stews that gain goodness in hours on the back of the stove, roasting meats. Mouthwatering dishes that would make even Grandma envious. And you know how Grandma used to cook!

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