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Weer een Europese primeur voor Country Store uit Epe: de Wicked Tough Hand Saw. Deze vouwzaag laat alle andere, ook de professionele, ver achter zich. Ligt fantastisch in de hand, zaagt bijna als een kettingzaag, en is vrijwel onverwoestbaar. De Wicked Tough Saw is de enige handzaag die u op een betonnen vloer kunt laten vallen, of waar u met een vrachtwagen over heen kunt rijden, zonder dat de zaag het zal begeven. Natuurlijk, wanneer u maar genoeg zaagt zullen de tanden ooit slijten. Daarom is een los zaagblad verkrijgbaar. Uiteraard zit er een vergrendeling op het zaagblad wanneer hij opengevouwen is.
Dit is de ultieme handzaag voor de professionele bouwer, de bushcrafter, de tuinier, de prepper, jager, militair, en alle anderen.

De zaag is vergrendeld tegen ongewenst openen. Om te openen een van de twee bouten indrukken.

Gesloten: 20,955 cm
Open: 35,86 cm
Zaagblad: 15,875 cm
Gewicht: 226g.

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw has been our goal for going on 10 years now. If you are tired of breaking multiple cheap plastic hand saws each season; the Wicked Tough Saw is the product that serious hunters and outdoors people have been waiting for. The patent pending cast aluminum handle design is the foundation for the strongest handle and blade locking mechanism that has ever been produced. The Wicked Sharp blade is strong, won’t bend or break, and rips through any tree or limb you put it to. The rubber over molded grip fits your hand like a glove, and positions your arm for the easiest and most efficient cutting you have ever felt. Before you break your next cheap plastic saw, get a Wicked Tough Saw; the last folding hand saw you will ever buy!

How Strong Is the Wicked Sharp Blade?
One of the first questions we get about the Wicked Sharp blade is in-regard to its strength. The Wicked Sharp blade is made from a heavy gage .050″ thick high-carbon steel that has been specified based on its strength to hardness ratio. The Wicked Sharp blade is by-far the toughest and most durable all-around blade that we’ve ever tested. Because the material is slightly thicker than most, it will not bend and break like most of the cheap blades on the market. We have used a single blade to trim out an entire season of stands, which in our world is A TON of use. I’m certain you will agree it’s truly Wicked Tough.

How durable is the Wicked Tough Saw?
Of all the issues with most hand saws, the cheap plastic handles are at the top of the list. The other manufacturers aren’t stupid. They realize at a certain point you will break their product, and be forced to buy another one of their saws because of the limited number of choices in the marketplace. To them it means more business. Well, those days are over; and with the Wicked Limited Lifetime Guarantee, you will never again have to worry about breaking a handle. If you do, we will replace it for free. That’s the Wicked Tough guarantee.

How Sharp is the Wicked Tough Blade?
We’ve tested hundreds of saws over the years including some of the finest names in the professional arborist’s industry. We guarantee that the Wicked Sharp blade is the sharpest, easiest, and fastest cutting blade you have ever used. If you don’t agree, we will give you your money back. That’s the Wicked Sharp guarantee.

What’s the Catch?
There is no catch, fine print, or anything else that isn’t straight-forward on the Wicked Tree Gear line of products. If the Wicked Tough Saw is not the best cutting, most comfortable, and toughest folding hand saw you have ever used, then we’ll give you your money back. That’s the Wicked Tough guarantee; PERIOD!

Does the Wicked Tough Saw come with a sheath or carrying case?
No, it does not. When we finalized the design for the Wicked Tough saw, we could have produced a cheaply made sheath and increased the price of the saw to you; or keep the retail price as low as possible, which is €59.95. Because most users simply discard the cheap and non-user friendly sheaths; we decided to keep the costs down and eliminate waste.

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