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Way Finding Cards, een “instructieboek” dat in een borstzak past. Gelamineerd voor gebruik in de regen. Je weet nooit hoe lang je GPS of smartphone het blijft doen, en dan kun je maar beter weten hoe je weer in de bewoonde wereld komt. Engelstalig.

Way Finding Cards are a great pocket reference tool. The cards measure: 5,7 x 8,9 cm and feature nine cards with various techniques for orientating yourself in the great outdoors.

Each card includes instructions for finding your way with or without a compass or a map and their are photographic examples with each method. The cards are attached with a grommet and laminated for water resistance to make them a great, practical reference tool.
-Each card describes a variety of navigational tools
-Provides direction on how to orient yourself in the outdoors
-Nine informative cards attached by a grommet
-Laminated for water resistance

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