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Mooie hoed van gewaxt leer. Gevlochten leren band. Zes oogjes voor ventilatie. Water afstotend en UV 50+ bescherming.

Cow Hide – Oiled Leather; 5 Strand Hatband and Brass Jacaru Badge; 6 Eyelets for Ventilation; Water Resistant, UV Protective Properties, Durable Leather.

Jacaru Care Instructions
Taking care of your Jacaru hat is easy. Follow these simple care instructions to ensure your Jacaru product lasts a lifetime.
Water Proofing: Use Meindl Wetproof or Nubuck Spray to water proof your Jacaru Garment or Hat.
Drying: If your Jacaru product gets wet, dry naturally at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.
Do not store in the rear window of the car as shrinkage may occur.
Storage when travelling Short distances: Your Foldable Jacaru hat can be stored in the travel bag provided for short periods of time. Simply fold as directed and place in your Jacaru travel bag. Be sure, not to bend the hat brim. Place in your bag or back pack, ensuring no pressure is put on hat while stored in this way.

Storage when travelling long distances: Your Jacaru hat features a crushable top, which can be flattened and placed flat in your suitcase. Ensure the hat is laid evenly and no heavy objects are placed on the brim.
Long Term Storage: The best way to store your Jacaru hat is on a flat even surface brim flat. Store in a dry area, away from direct sunlight, to ensure it stays in tip-top condition.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Jacaru Leather Hat: Brush your hat using a soft haired brush to ensure your hat is free of all loose dirt.
Using cold water, a wet sponge and saddle soap, work soap lather into hat in circular movements.
Work in small areas at a time, to ensure the soap does not dry onto hat.
With a clean (soap free) sponge wipe away soap and dirt.
Allow hat to dry naturally at room temperature, on a flat even surface away from direct sunlight.

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