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Victorinox Hunter XT 8341.MC9. Een mes voor jagers en andere buitenmensen.
Heeft 2 mesbladen, de een scherper dan de ander. Beide kunnen, op het gevoel, met 1 hand uitgeklapt worden.
Bovendien heeft de Hunter XT een effectieve zaag.
Voor na het werk is er de kurkentrekker…

1. kurkentrekker
2. sleutelring
3. groot vergrendel lemmet te openen met één hand
4. houtzaag
5. mes
6. nylon koord

Kleur: Oranje / Zwart
Lengte: 111 mm
Breedte: 34,5 mm
Hoogte: 20 mm
Gewicht: 152 gram

An innovative pocket knife for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who put safety, reliability and exceptional functionality first.

Two blades – one sharper than the other – are incorporated into the solid grip. Both can be folded out single-handedly using an oval thumbhole, which is a huge advantage when working in forests and fields. It means users can get the HUNTER ready without having to look down or use both hands.

The drop-point shape and smooth ground cutting edge of the main blade ensures it is a real all-rounder and equally well-suited to a wide variety of tasks – from hunting and woodworking to the preparation of food. The second blade boasts a highly efficient serrated edge. Thanks to its curved shape and rounded tip, this blade is ideal for professionally gutting game, which means that any game caught can be dressed quickly and conveniently in the field. It is also good to know that this special blade shape, which reliably cuts through belts and ropes with ease, also has a proven track record in emergency situations.

The thoroughly tried-and-tested locking action of the two blades uses a lock guard that slips behind the blade heel when the blade is folded out, thus preventing it from folding back in accidentally. Similarly, the easy-care/stainless and hard-wearing 1.4110 steel used in the production of the blades has also stood the test of time.

Thanks to its bright orange grip, the HUNTER is easy to find on the ground or among dried leaves – even in dull weather conditions or when dusk is falling. Made of a non-slip two-component material, the handles are fitted with additional grip surfaces so the HUNTER sits securely and comfortably in the hand.

2.Key ring
3.large lock blade for one hand opening
4.wood saw
5.gutting blade
6.nylon cord

Color: Orange/Black
Length: 111 mm
Width: 34.5 mm
Height: 20 mm
Weight: 152 g

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