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The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Handbook: 156 Tips for Any Environment. Weer zo’n fraaie uitgave door de redacteuren van Outdoor Life. Het is een plezier hier door heen te bladeren en hap-snap over tal van onderwerpen over survival te lezen. Bijvoorbeeld:
Tip 17: Shelter Yourself

Ducking into a temporary shelter to quickly get out of the elements is one thing, but if you need to live in that ramshackle space for a prolonged period of time, you’ll want to make some home improvements.

CALL IN REINFORCEMENTS Use boulders or the upturned root system of downed trees for a basic framework. Gather heavy branches and layer them onto your exterior walls for further protection. If you have a rain poncho or tarp, spread it over the boughs to keep rainwater from pooling inside.

LAY A FOUNDATION Scrape together a deep layer of pine needles or leaves, then add tender boughs to create a soft, insulated floor that’s about 8 inches (20 cm) thick. Position logs or stones around the perimeter to hold the floor materials in place. Do the same to a cave floor.

LOOK UP For long stays, you need food storage. You don’t want to sleep with that deer carcass, so hang it away from your shelter and out of predators’ reach.

LOOK DOWN May as well make yourself at home with a go-to bathroom spot. Go lower in elevation and a healthy distance downwind to dig your latrine, and, if you’re sheltering near your water source, make sure to dig at least 100 feet (30 m) away from it so you don’t contaminate your own drinking water.

With 110+ years behind them, the experts at Outdoor Life magazine have compiled the information-packed Ultimate Wilderness Survival Handbook. Whether you’re planning a three-day backcountry hike, a day trip, or a full-on Grizzly Adams experience this compact handbook has the essential information you need to stay safe.

From the best-selling team at Outdoor Life this essential guide to surviving in the wilderness is for survivalists and hobbyists alike. This book covers making shelter, finding food and water, dealing with predators, signaling to rescuers, and making it out alive and well…probably even with all your limbs.

– Chapter One: Skills and Tools
– How to Pack for a Wilderness Adventure
– Build a Fire Anywhere
– Forage for Food
– Create a Basic Shelter
– Get Rescued
– Handle Medical Emergencies in the Woods
– Tie Basic Knots
– . . . and more things every adventurer should know
– Chapter Two: Into the Woods
– Survive Getting lost in the Wilderness
– Handle Animal Attacks

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