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Ultimate Interactive Basic Training Workbook: What You Must Know to Survive and Thrive in Boot Camp by Michael Volkin.
Dit boek is geschreven om aspirant militairen voor te bereiden op de basis opleiding. Alhoewel geschreven voor het Aerikaanse leger staan er toch heel veel tips in die ook hier van toepassing zijn.
Met schema’s en illustraties.
Sergeant Michael Volkin has done it again with The Ultimate Interactive Basic Training Workbook! After hearing the same request from literally hundreds of new recruits and veteran soldiers, he has developed a dynamic follow-up to complement and enhance his best-selling The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook ). The Ultimate Interactive Basic Training Workbook is a comprehensive interactive guide crafted especially for today’s computer-savvy recruit (any branch, male or female).
When used together with Volkin’s original guidebook, the Workbook provides every recruit with the inside knowledge of basic training he/she needs to not only survive, but thrive in the military.
This remarkable cutting-edge book includes interactive activities, multiple choice and true/false questions, short answer, word association games, and flash cards you cut out and use to enhance memory and recall. The Workbook also includes a complete exercise program designed to turn civilians into “military-fit” recruits before they enter basic training. Is Volkin’s physical training program really indispensable? Absolutely!
This workbook walks every reader through a comprehensive preparatory fitness program.
As any recruit who has passed through basic training will tell you, there is a giant difference between “civilian fit”and “military fit.” Sergeant Volkin’s book has the charts, tables, photos, and graphs you need every step of the way to get yourself “military fit” and ready for boot camp.
Knowledge is power, and stepping off the bus and into boot camp armed with everything you need to know will give you an enormous advantage over most of the other recruits.
The Ultimate Interactive Basic Training Workbook was written by a soldier for men and women who want to become soldiers . . . exceptional soldiers.
No one should enter boot camp without having read and reread Sergeant Volkin’s indispensable books. Sergeant Michael Volkin is a U.S. Army veteran. He served in Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom as a Chemical Operations Specialist and received an Army Commendation Medal for his efforts and for the fitness programs he designed to help his fellow soldiers. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Science from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas and also a Real Estate Brokers Degree. Pages: 168

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