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To Be a U. S. Army Ranger, door Russ Bryant.

Experience the transformation of raw recruits as Iowa farm boys and ghetto hardened L.A. gangsters are molded into one of the U.S. Army’s most effective fighting units. Enter their lives before boot camp and travel with them through the rigorous Ranger training at Fort Benning, Georgia. To be a U.S. Army Ranger chronologically details the development of Ranger recruits as they progress through the grueling 12-week program. Hear their intriguing personal stories and vicariously experience the hardships, triumphs and camaraderie of the Army Rangers.Author Russ Bryant brings you into the psyche of a recruit by training alongside the soldiers on their struggle to become Rangers. Rather than load his backpack with tools of war he chooses to carry camera equipment and participates in every aspect of Ranger training. His efforts are rewarded with a stunningly open and physical photographic display. With full cooperation of the U.S. Army, Russ Bryant brings an unprecedented level of access to the reader emphasizing the training difficulties and qualities that make a Ranger an elite soldier. A chronological photographic display, with personal stories, of a class of recruits as they progress through Ranger training.,Author Russ Bryant, himself an Army Ranger, gains unprecedented access to the men in training by joining them in the twelve-week course.,Superb full color action photos.

Russ Bryant is a veteran of the 1st Ranger Battalion and F/51 Long-Range Surveillance. Following his service, Bryant attended Savannah College of Art and Design and received a bacheloru2019s of fine art degree in photography. As a photographer, Bryant has traveled a great deal covering other, non-Ranger forces of the American military. His images have appeared the Army Times, Army Magazine, New York Times, Time Magazine, and at Bryant is the author/photographer of a number of other Zenith Press titles including 75th Rangers and USMC.

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– ISBN: 978-0760313145

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