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Survival: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Staying Alive in Extreme Conditions and Emergency Situations in All Environments, Anywhere in the World door Anthonio Akkermans, Peter G. Drake, Bill Mattos, Andy Middleton. Zeer volledig handboek.

This is the ultimate practical guide to staying alive in extreme conditions and emergency situations in all environments, anywhere in the world. It features essential guidance on the skills needed to experience the great outdoors safely, how to survive disasters of all types on land, at sea, and in the air, and how to preserve personal and family safety in the city. It shows how to cope with extreme survival situations in any terrain and climate: digging a snow hole, finding water in the desert or erecting a natural shelter in the jungle. Practical projects include making a shelter, how to signal for help, emergency first aid, tying knots, starting a fire without matches and how to track and trap animals, as well as dealing with a range of emergency situations such as avalanche, mountain falls or capsizing in water. This book is illustrated with 1400 photographs and illustrations, including step-by-step sequences throughout. This is the ultimate survival manual, a comprehensive, practical, all-climate, all-terrain guide to the basics of wilderness travel, outdoor living and surviving extreme situations. Substantial sections highlight possible threats and dangers in life, from terrorism, accident, fire, flood or crime, and provide practical solutions and professional teaching for urban prevention, protection and safety strategies. For first-time and fully experienced campers and explorers alike, this illustrated and expert guide shows you exactly what you need to know to safely enjoy the great outdoors, survive in extreme conditions, and protect yourself and your loved-ones.

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