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Effectief middel om de gevolgen van een bijensteek of wespensteek te verlichten. Gemaakt van kruidentincturen, dus 100% puur natuur. Komt in een sterk kunststof flesje met een millieuvriendelijk verstuiverpompje. Inhoud 50 ml.

Wasp and bee stings are unpleasant for children, tourists, gardeners, sportsmen and sportswomen, and of course beekeepers! If you suffer severe reactions to stings, you should still contact your doctor as they can be dangerous.

Herbs such as summer or winter savoury, parsley and mint, crushed fresh and put on the stings, have been found to soothe them by herbalists such as Dioscorides, Galen, Gerarde or Culpeper. Thyme traditionally acts as an antiseptic and antihistamine, and savoury is specifically known as effective against wasp stings and bee stings.

Our fresh herb spray is prepared with Witch Hazel and a mixture of fresh common culinary garden herbs. It comes in a 50 ml. plastic bottle with ozone friendly pump spray, in a convenient size for tourists, walkers and the bathroom alike.

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