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Tuf-Glide laat zich zeer precies aanbrengen op moeilijk bereikbare plekken. Het smeert en voorkomt roest. Het laat zich niet wegspoelen in regen. Het blijft werken tot -40°C.

Tuf-Glide – 15 ml Precision Applicator The quick drying partner for TUF-CLOTH. It is a powerful dry-film lubricant and rust inhibitor for bonded protection that will not wash or wipe off. Use TUF-GLIDE to lubricate and protect the hard-to-reach areas of all your equipment and gear. TUF-GLIDE penetrates hard to reach areas and displaces water. It provides cleaning, rust protection and lubrication. Pure mineral spirits carries the active ingredients and provides cleaning action. It quickly evaporates, and Sentrys proprietary ingredients bond to the surface. The bonding ensures long-lasting effectiveness, and reliable dirt free performance. TUF-GLIDEs waterproof protection will not wash off and will not thicken in the cold (even down to -40°C). It is dry to the touch so will not attract dirt like oil-based products, nor does it leave a slippery film like silicone. It is safe to use on wood and most plastics.

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