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Reading the Forested Landscape: A Natural History of New England, door Tom Wessels, Brian D. Cohen en Ann H. Zwinger. Leer het landschap om je heen te lezen.

Landscape is much more than scenery to be observed or even terrain to be traveled, as this fascinating and many-layered book vividly shows us. Etched into the land is the history of how we have inhabited it, the storms and fires that have shaped it, and its response to these and other changes.

A full and wholly original portrait of New England’s forests, tracing their evolution from pre-colonial days to the present through a study of the patterns we see today. Read this book, is many fans have said, and no walk in the woods will ever be the same.
Most books and courses on natural history focus on the identification of one small aspect of the complex world outside our doors. We may know how to identify our neighborhood trees but not know why pine are dominant in one place and maple in another; we may notice fungus growing on a beech trunk but not know the devastating impact of blights on our forests over the centuries. Tom Wessels, who has spent more than twenty years interpreting New England’s landscape and teaching others to see “the forest for the trees,” argues that by coming to a fuller understanding of our home ground, we achieve a greater sense of place.

An intrepid sleuth and articulate tutor, Wessels teaches us to read a landscape the way we might solve a mystery. Each chapter addresses a form of forest disturbance common in New England–fire, logging, and blight are examples–and depicts it in an extraordinary, full-page etching. Studying Wessels’s descriptions of forest scenes in conjunction with Cohen’s visual portraits teaches us to identify disturbance patterns and, in turn, to take our discoveries outside and read the history written in the character of the land.

– Taal‏ : ‎ Engels
– Paperback, 200 pagina’s
– ISBN‏ : ‎ 978-0881504200

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