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Warm ondershirt met een korte rits waarmee u de ventilatie iets kunt regelen. Normaliter te warm om bij stevige activiteit te dragen, maar ideaal wanneer u meer statisch bent. En als het ECHT koud wordt draagt u een 400 over een 200. Merinowollen badstof binnenkant transporteert zweet naar buiten. De achterkant is extra lang. Dit is de vlamvertragende kwaliteit! Voldoet aan EN 532 voor bescherming tegen koude, en aan EN 531 voor bescherming tegen hitte en vlammen.

Maten zijn mannenmaten, voor vrouwen tel een maat terug.

Wool is hard to ignite and only catches fire at very high temperature. Wool is based on a protein, which in itself is a fire deterrent, and its property of trapping vapor also contributes. Once wool catches fire, the flame is not fed, but the fibers are charred and the fire dies.

Since Ullfrotté Original consists mainly of wool, it is not a very flammable material, in contrast to purely synthetic products. This is why Woolpower garments are used not only by outdoor enthusiasts, but professionals like firemen, welders, smiths, and utility workers to add protection against heat and burn injuries.

A special collection is produced in a special blend of Ullfrotté Original material to provide extra flame protection. Aramid fibers have been added to the wool yarn, further emphasizing the ability to resist heat and fire. These products are marked FR (Flame Resistant) and are CE certified in accordance with standards for this type of protective clothing.

These products comply with the European norms for personal protection equipment in cold work: EN 532 for protection against cold (thermal lining) and EN 531 for protection against heat and flame.

These thicker garments are used as intermediate layers to increase heat insulation between the base layer and the wind and water resistant outer layer. The mid-layer garments are usually used at lower temperatures and lower activity levels. The short zipper on the Zip Turtleneck allows for ventilation, and is made of a circular knit fabric, and has no lengthwise seams. The back is longer to avoid gaps. Cuffs are sewn in. 69 % Merino wool 29 % Polyamide 2 % Elastane.

69 % Merino wool
17 % Polyamide
12 % Aramide
2 % Elastane

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