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Natural Navigator Pocket Guide door Tristan Gooley. Hou het kompas eens in de zak en zet de GPS uit en leer om u heen kijken. Dit boek vertelt u waar u op moet letten om zonder hulpmiddelen de weg te vinden. Het zou ons niet verbazen wanneer u na het lezen van dit boek een nieuwe hobby er bij heeft.
Engelstalig. De titel zegt Pocket Guide, maar door zijn harde omslag meer een handzaam handboek.

Starting with a simple question – ‘Which way am I looking?’ – Tristan Gooley blends natural science, myth, folklore and the history of travel to introduce you to the rare and ancient art of finding your way using nature’s own sign-posts, from the feel of a rock to the look of the moon. With Tristan’s help, you’ll learn why some trees grow the way they do and how they can help you find your way in the countryside. You’ll discover how it’s possible to find North simply by looking at a puddle and how natural signs can be used to navigate on the open ocean and in the heart of the city. Wonderfully detailed and full of fascinating stories, this is a glorious exploration of a rediscovered art. “The Natural Navigator Pocket Guide” is a user-friendly, practical book and the beautiful illustrations are a useful tool to help travellers on their instrument-free journey.

Tristan Gooley set up his natural navigation school, The Natural Navigator, after studying and practising the art for over ten years. His passion for the subject stems from hands-on experience. He has led expeditions in five continents, climbed mountains in Europe, Africa and Asia, sailed across oceans and piloted small aircraft to Africa and the Arctic. He is the only living person to have both flown and sailed solo across the Atlantic. Tristan is a Fellow of both the Royal Institute of Navigation and the Royal Geographical Society and is the Vice Chairman of Trailfinders.

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