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Life in the French Foreign Legion door Evan McGorman. Hoe meldt je je aan voor het Franse Vreemdelingenlegioen, wat zijn de consequenties, hoe is het dagelijkse leven, hoe zitten de rangen in elkaar, wat zijn je rechten en plichten, de belangrijkste liederen, een woordenlijst, enz. Afijn, alles wat je wilt weten voordat je een enkele reis Frankrijk neemt voor de ultieme uitdaging. Engelstalig.
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Known for its austerity and discipline, deprivation and sacrifice, the French Foreign Legion is perhaps the most intriguing and famous fighting force in the world.Five years is a long time to commit to anything – especially when your life is at stake. In “Life in the French Foreign Legion” Evan McGorman writes about his personal experiences between 1989 and 1994 during his time with the elite corps. He discusses every aspect of Legion life including the pros and cons of desertion.Today, the Legion is as contemporary an infantry and light-armoured corps as you will find anywhere while still upholding its well-known traditions. Present-day circumstances have relegated the Legion almost to the role of a peace-time army, but it still finds itself responding to the occasional crisis in Africa and around the world. In the past, it was used in a peace-keeping function with the United Nations in Bosnia and Cambodia and in all probability will continue to fulfil duties of this nature in the years to come. “Life in the French Foreign Legion” strips the veil of mystery from one of the world’s most secretive and misunderstood military organizations.

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