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Petromax TG3 Fire Barbecue Grill. Degelijke gietijzeren BBQ / Grill in de geest van de Envirofit branders. Voorzien van een in hoogte verstelbaar gietijzeren grillrooster en een draaghengsel. Geschikt voor Dutch Ovens t/m 12-qt. Regelbare luchttoevoer. Gietijzer houdt warmte lang vast.
De grill is ‘seasoned”, dus klaar voor gebruik. Doordat het grillrooster in hoogte verstelbaar is kun je de warmteafgifte beter regelen. De brandkamer waar je de brandstof (hout, houtskool of kolen) in stopt heeft een handig deurtje.

Kan handig zijn tijdens het transport: een Petromax 6-qt Dutch Oven past in de Fire BBQ Grill.

– Materiaal: gietijzer
– L x B x H: 43,5 x 42 x 19 cm
– Gewicht: 1,62 kg

– 1 x Barbecue Grill tg3
– 1 x Handleiding (Duits/Engels/Frans)

Anyone who likes cast iron will love the Petromax Fire Barbecue Grill tg3. The height-adjustable grilling grate, the large air supply control and the handle make it not only a compelling grill, but also a perfect cooking area for your Petromax Dutch Ovens (up to size 12-qt).

2 in 1: Grill and cooking area for Dutch ovens.

The naturally anti-adhesive effect of the cast-iron grilling grate is a crucial advantage, for it always gets hot when grilling. The fire barbecue grill can be lighted quickly and for a long time with coal and barbecue briquettes.
The fire barbecue grill can be combined with a Dutch oven, and cooking is then particularly energy-saving thanks to outstanding heat storage.

Cast iron, the durable material. Thanks to the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish), you can use the tg3 immediately, without needing to season it first. Sausages, meat and vegetables do not stick to cookware, and the anti-adhesive effect becomes stronger at each use.

Practical settings. There are two levels for the height-adjustable grilling grate, and thus the distance between grilled food and briquettes or coal is to be adjusted as wanted. The removable flip down door, which can be opened at different angles, enables you to put some more briquettes and coal easily even while grilling without needing to remove the grilling grate. You can also move the large air supply control individually in order to speed up the heating, or else to control heat as wanted.

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