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EZE-LAP Flat hone and stone diamond sharpener Super Fine grit (1200). Zeer handige diamandvijl voor messen, gereedschap, bijlen, enz. Elke grit (grof, fijn en daartussen) heeft zijn eigen kleur. Gemakkelijk!

Very effective in hard to get places, carbide table saw blades, router bits, deburring. many uses include hunting and fishing knives, axes, woodworking tools and carbides. 1,9 x 5cm Diamond Pat on a 15 x 1,9cm plastic handle.

Never use diamond stones dry. This is bad for the surface of the diamond stone, and will not sharpen well, either. Wet the sharpening surface before every use! You should also be careful not to put too much pressure on the surface when sharpening, and absolutely not near the edges of the plate, as this can deform the plate and scrape off the diamond coating

EZE-LAP manufactures products using different diamond grits. This wide selection in diamond sizes allows you to match the right diamond surface to your specific sharpening application.
EZE-LAP says that the great majority of all sharpening can be performed by the fine (600) grit grit diamond. This fine grit diamond has the abrasive ability to effectively sharpen a dull knife in less than a minute. The fine grit is offered on all EZELAP diamond products. Round sharpeners are available in the fine grit only.
When your job requires a surface that will sharpen quickly, but still leave a high quality finish, EZE-LAP offers a medium (400) grit diamond.
For those who wish to get the job done fast but are still interested in a good quality finish EZE-LAP offers a coarse (250) grit diamond. This diamond surface lends itself well for sharpening axes, shovels, garden tools, industrial shop tools and de-burring
To achieve the finest finish try the super fine (1200) grit diamond surface. Ideally suited for woodworking and industrial application.

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