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Disaster Survival Guide, door Rich Johnson. Prachtig vorm gegeven uitgave van Outdoor Life Magazine. Geheel full color en met honderden tips en instructies. Kort en bondig genoeg geschreven om de reclame blokken op tv nuttig te besteden met kennis opdoen.

When life and limb are on the line. Any one of us may need to become a hero when disaster strikes. That might mean knowing how to bandage a wound, coping with a deadly tornado, or making a split-second life-or-death decision in an airplane crash. While nobody can be prepared for everything, anybody can learn the basic skills needed to survive, and to save others. This book can help get you out alive.

105 essential skills
When disaster strikes, this is the book you need. No matter what mother nature has in store.
Survive extreme weather conditons from fire to ice.
Treat injuries and administer first aid in an emergency.
Protect yourself, your family, and your property.

When it comes to survival, Rich Johnson has decades of experience. In the military, he was a paratrooper and demolition sergeant for the US Army Special Forces. In civilian life, he served as a Coast Guard Auxiliary instructor, and was an EMT and a fire fighter for a volunteer fire and ambulance department. In his off hours, he has excelled as an advanced SCUBA diver, a sailor, and a backcountry skier. He specializes in urban survival, emergency preparedness, and primitive living techniques, and spent a year surviving in the desert wilderness with his wife and small children—part of which involved living in a cave and eating bugs (or anything else that moved). He’s written extensively on survival topics for Outdoor Life and is the author of Rich Johnson’s Guide to Wilderness Survival.

– ISBN: 9781616284848
– Pages: 128
– Engelstalig

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