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The Ultimate Shooting Skills Manual: 332 Recreational Shooting Tips, door de redacteuren van Outdoor Life. Een zeer compleet boek over wapens, munitie, en de kunst van het schieten, zie de index.

Zoals alle Outdoor Life boeken perfect vormgegeven met talloze foto's, tekeningen en tabellen.

Master the art and science of shooting with " Outdoor Life " Shooting Editor John B. Snow. No matter the skill level, the " Ultimate Shooting Skills Manual: 212 Essential Range and Field Skills " has everything the modern shooter needs to succeed. Whatever you re shooting, be it a tricked-out MSR, a tight 1911, or a custom skeet gun, this book is the all-inclusive expert course you need to shoot faster and more accurately. You ll have instant access to advanced drills and range techniques for handguns, rifles, and ARs, as well as how to safely apply those skills to hunting and home defense if you desire. Not to mention insider tips from renowned competitors and gun writers plus sensible, real-world advice you need to protect yourself and your family. For the recreational shooter, there is no better resource. With high-quality design, intricate detail, and a durable flexicover this manual is the perfect gift! RANGE SKILLS This book is filled with tips and tricks that build solid shooting fundamentals, letting you shoot faster and more accurately. Detailed drills for advanced gun handling and manipulation complete an expert course in range accuracy. PERSONAL PROTECTION Fortune favors the prepared, whether you re protecting your family while out on the streets or guarding your home. The sensible, real-world tips on concealed carry and personal protection in this book could save your life. COMPETITION Insider tips from top competitors guide you through hands-on pistol, revolver, precision rifle, AR, and action shotgun drills and techniques you can apply anywhere you shoot."

This book combines the best of hints from "Outdoor Life" s shooting experts. John B. Snow is the Shooting Editor at " Outdoor Life ," an avid competitor at 3-Gun and precision shooting events, a firearms instructor and a hunter. Chris Christian is a competitive shooter and instructor in shotgun and handgun skills. Chris is a frequent contributor to " Outdoor Life " and has written for most of the leading firearms publications. For over 110 years, " Outdoor Life " has provided hunting and shooting expertise to millions of avid sportsmen, and they have kept up with the times with frequent articles on the latest technology for hunting and range shooting. This book draws on the best of these writings, and expands with hundreds of new hints."

Paperback, 96 blz.
ISBN: 9781616288327

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