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TOTAL KNIFE MANUAL, 251 ESSENTIAL OUTDOOR SKILLS, door T. EDWARD NICKENS. Zoals we van Field & Stream gewend zijn is ook dit handboek een zeer verzorgde full color en rijk geillustreerde uitgave,

Whether you're hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, or facing a life-or-death survival situation one thing is certain: you need a good knife. In this authoritative book, Eddie Nickens, Field & Stream editor at large and author of The Total Outdoorsman, tells you everything you need to know about choosing the right knife for the job, using it correctly, keeping it sharp, and more.

The right knife can mean the difference between life and death in the wild. Building a shelter, starting a fire, butchering game, making essential repairs . . . all of these go from challenging to simple with the right knife. The only argument you might get from those in the know is that sure, you need a good knife. But you want as many as you can get. A good knife can save your bacon (or slice your bacon!), but it is also a thing of beauty in and of itself. In this authoritative book, Eddie Nickens, one of Field & Stream magazine's knife experts, gives you his 250 top tips, tricks, and skills, including:

- Choosing the right knife for the job
- Cooking knives in the kitchen or in the wild
- Butchering and filleting game and fish
- Knives for survival
- Camping and outdoor uses, expected and unusual
- Sharpening and caring for a knife
- Knife tricks to amaze and amuse
- Forging your own blade
- Other bladed tools to consider
. . . and more

Field & Stream editor-at-large T. Edward Nickens has paddled, backpacked, hunted, and fished from the rainforest to the Arctic Sea. Winner of more than two dozen national writing awards, he is TV host for the Total Outdoorsman Challenge. He writes on a wide range of hunting, fishing, and camping topics for Field & Stream, but knives are one of his favorite topics.

224 pages
ISBN: 9781681883687

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