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Track and Sign: A Guide to the Field Signs of Mammals and Birds of the UK Paperback, door John Rhyder. If you want a reference book for when you are out in the field and see tracks/signs you can’t identify, or are simply fascinated by the subject matter, then look no further.

Following years of extensive research from one of the UK’s leading wildlife trackers, this book explores the world of UK mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians like no other. John Rhyder has spent many years collecting the information contained within. The tracks within the book are illustrated with line drawings and photographs, making identification in the field effective and accurate. Other signs made by wildlife including scat, feeding, damage to trees, dens, beds and nests are also fully explained and illustrated. This book is suitable for both the complete beginner and the expert naturalist and will be invaluable for all.

John Rhyder is a naturalist, woodsman and wildlife tracker, both founder and Head Instructor at The Woodcraft School. He has also worked in arboriculture, conservation and habitat management and has been teaching since 1994. He is certified through CyberTracker conservation as a Senior Tracker, the highest level possible. He is the only person at this level and therefore the highest qualified wildlife tracker in Northern Europe. He is endorsed as an instructor in natural navigation techniques through Tristan Gooley and his school of natural navigation. He is regarded as one of the most experienced authorities in the field of bushcraft in the UK and his experience includes being appointed as chief instructor for Ray Mears. He lives in West Sussex.

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