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Gear Care Kit™ Field Grade Tin- Field Gradeis een complete kit voor het onderhoud van messen en tools. Het bevat een Tuf-Cloth, Tuf-Glide, Gatco ceramische slijper en schoonmaak hulpmiddelen. Verpakt in een blikje dat gemakkelijk het veld in mee kan worden genomen.

The Gear Care Kit features Tuf-Cloth, Tuf-Glide, a Gatco sharpener and lint-free cleaning tools in a pocketable tin that can be stored almost anywhere. The products can be used on knives, broadheads and firearms.
Gear Care Kit provides users with the latest in dry lubrication and corrosion protection technology to enhance performance of knives and tools as it cleans and protects. Sentry Solutions products proprietary oil-free lubricants and corrosion inhibitors to smooth and protect metal surfaces at the microscopic level thus preventing gear from becoming the dust magnets as seen with oil products.
To Clean and Protect…
To clean moving parts and hard to reach areas apply TUF-GLIDE sparingly. Work action to ensure complete coverage. Use TUF-CLOTH to wipe off any excess TUF-GLIDE. Thoroughly wipe all surfaces with TUF-CLOTH for maximum cleaning and protection. When surface dries you may buff off excess to enhance appearance.
To Sharpen… Follow the instructions included with the sharpener.
To Lubricate and Protect…

Apply TUF-GLIDE to all moving parts and hard to reach areas. Work mechanism to ensure complete coverage. Wipe off excess with TUF-CLOTH.

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