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The Little Book of Building Fires: How to Chop, Scrunch, Stack and Light a Fire, door Sally Coulthard. Het lijkt veel gemakkelijker dan het is, een vuur aansteken. Dit boek behandelt het uitvoerig. Kampvuur, openhaard, houtkachel, het komt allemaal uitvoerig aan bod.

Nothing beats the companionable crackle of an open fire. Fires invite us to sit and share stories or watch in contemplative silence. We feel drawn to the flickering flames, the gentle curls of aromatic smoke and reassuring radiant heat. Snuggled under a blanket, toasting crumpets and listening to the pleasing pops of burning wood – what better way to spend a winter’s evening? Or, come the summer, few pleasures are richer than cooking food, perched around a campfire, waiting for the stars to come out.

But for all this talk, how many of us know how to build a fire? Would we know which kinds of trees burn best? Could we make our own firelighters or build the perfect fire stack? The Little Book of Building Fires is a richly illustrated pocket guide to sourcing, seasoning and storing firewood, choosing kindling and tinder, and how to build and light the perfect fire. From campfires to woodburners, bonfires to open hearths, this book blends practicality with personal experience and will get you back in touch with your ancient firemaking instincts.

About the Author: Sally Coulthard has been setting fire to things since she was a small, dungareed tomboy. Gently discouraged from a career in professional pyromania she’s now a bestselling author of design and outdoor living books including Shed Chic and Gardenalia. She now lives tucked away on a Yorkshire farm where she can burn things without bothering anyone.

– Engelstalig
– ISBN: 9781786696472
– Afmetingen: 17.7 x 2.1 x 11.3 cm
– Hardcover

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