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Kant-en-klare Ghillie Suit bestaande uit jack, broek, hoofdbedekking en geweercamo, alles in een tas. Gemaakt met 23cm lang jute. Brandvertragend geimpregneerd.

A proper ghillie suit straight out of the package.
This suit consists of three pieces: the pants, a jacket and a hat. Each item is generously lined with about 23 cm long Hessian thread bundles, in different colours. Comes with a carrying bag and two suit fastening straps, which are used to compress the outfit for easy transport. The jacket closes with snap fasteners. The pants are fairly loose, but can be tightened with an elastic band at the waist. The fourth piece in the package is an elastic ghillie gun wrap, which is 1,2 m long.
Made of polyester mesh, with added fabric strips every 10 cm.
This suit has been given some kind of fire retardant treatment, which is pretty neat considering that you’ll essentially be wearing thin strips of polyester. This doesn’t mean it’s fireproof – it just won’t light up as easily as untreated polyester

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